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Post  ZuRrI~ on Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:38 am

Rules Are Simple!!!

1.We accept just people who have set G17 or anythings,loyalty to the guild and fun people.
2. Noobs/Idiots are not tolerated <-- kick from the guild.
3. Insulting or stupid jokes who insult are not allowed <-- kick from the guild.
4. Is preffered to come at PK when is announced by the master, general or majors.
5. Respect the other members and try to be friendly.
6. Don't kill in PK the guild members. Always make teams.
7. Don' kill our allies, but kill how much you can our enemies.
8. Have fun!

* We have these rules for a good understanding in guild, for no dramas, for much fun, for the perfect guild.
* We want to be a friendly, happy team and strong pk-er guild.

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